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"Who does not know what harbor he is swimming, so there is no tailwind.»

"The right way is: Adopt what your predecessors have done, and move on.»

"The fool fails because of the fact that the complex seems to him a simple,
and smart - because that simply sees it complicated. »
John Collins

"God, that is the concept of man, created by man;
but what is beyond his understanding, is the reality. »
Hazrat Inayat Khan

"In life, it may be a lot of hobbies, but real love is only one, but it is worth to come back to it again and again and devote your entire way of life of its search, and each certainly deserves to become not just a fad, and true love - the only immortal feelings. »

"People in ancient times did not like to talk much. They felt shame for himself
do not keep up with his own words. »
Chinese wisdom

"If a man will not find out what is worth dying for, it is not worth living.»
M. King

"People imagine that experiencing pleasure, when in fact, pull his wings for the sake of an illusion.»
Jalal ad-Din Rumi

"In order to act intelligently, a little crazy.»

"Procrastination for tomorrow - is an art to keep up with yesterday.»

"Simplicity is the necessary condition of beauty»
LN Tolstoy

"To live honestly, should be torn, confused, fight, wrong»
LN Tolstoy.

"Strong people are always simple»
LN Tolstoy.

"There is no happiness in inaction»
FM Dostoevsky.

"Love the truth can only fully ripened soul»
VG Belinsky.

"Life is boring without moral purpose»
FM Dostoevsky.

"Accidental discovery made only prepared minds.»
Blaise Pascal

"We are - only the consequences of what we think.»


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