The mystery of the caves' little feet ''

"They lived in caves and come from the sky", so sends local legends UFO, President of the Association of State, Ataíde Ferreira da Silva Netto. Another legend tells about a pillar of fire, came down from heaven

Once flown in "Lilliputians" Indians taught some "science", they went back to their own world. " Indeed, in the National Park of the Blue Mountains in the municipality of Barra do Grasas, Mato Grosso, there is a cave that bears the name "Cave Little Foot", because the entire surface of the grotto - on the floor, walls and ceiling - visible clear fingerprints of small six-toed feet < br />

"Of course this can only be a legend, but they are very much the same as found godsend." The official representative of the Brazilian Ministry of the Environment, Helder Antunes, said that so far no research tracks were made. The area is located in a remote mountainous area, and access to it is difficult and not allowed without special permission


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