Five Stage intoxication

Stage №1: Egghead

This stage is when you suddenly become an expert in all areas of knowledge. You just never-ending source of information and you want to demonstrate their knowledge to all who will listen to you. In addition, at this stage you are always right.

Well, the person with whom you're talking, of course, completely wrong. You will spend hours trying to convince the man that he was right.
Even more interesting situation can occur if both of you have reached the stage of "wise guy».

The two men argued try to convince each other that they are right, and in the field, of which each of them has a very vague idea. For people who listen to these two individuals, it is great fun.

Step №2: Beauty

This step comes when you are completely convinced that you are the most handsome guy in the neighborhood, and everyone in the neighborhood and you just look for.

You start winking all passing by beautiful girls, and ask them to dance with you all night because they did not take his eyes off you. You - the limelight, the eyes of all the people around are directed only at you because you are the most beautiful creature on Earth.

And now let us remember that you're a smart, so you can talk to the person who admires you, virtually on any existing problems on our planet.

Stage №3: Rich

This is when you suddenly become the richest man in the world. You buy a drink to everyone who is present near the bar, and asked to write down everything in your account, because you should close a truck full of money.

And, of course, you are ready to argue with anyone that this truck is standing right behind the bar. And do not forget that you know everything and can win any dispute. It is natural that you do not care how much money to put on a bet, since you and so they burn.

At this stage you start to buy a drink at the bar all people who admire you because you are the most intelligent, the most Kashiwa and the richest man in the world.

Step №4: Bulletproof

Now you can fight with all the people with whom you are arguing for money because you no one can hurt anything.

At this stage, you can go to the guy that girl that you admired the evening, and cause it to showdown for money. You do not need to worry about losing, as you all know, you have all the money in the world, and you obviously won the argument.

Step №5: Invisible

This is the last stage of intoxication. At this stage, you can do absolutely everything, because you still no one sees.

You can climb up on the table and dance, you can strip down to their underwear to impress the people who admire you all evening, as the rest of the people in the room you just do not see. In addition, you do not see those people with whom you have previously started dismantling.

You can walk along the streets and shout loudly for the song (because you are still the most intelligent and well you know the tune), and none of you do not think, because it can not see you. Gone are all your social complexes. You can do anything you want because nobody will know nothing.

And you, of course, nothing about it and do not remember!

Do you have any special is its point? :)


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