LORDI: monsters show (remember the "Eurovision-2006)

For ten years he (his real name is kept secret), like Dr. Frankenstein, collected his own monster. The heroes of his childhood, such as the Hulk, Count Dracula, and The Muppet Show characters stayed with him all the way from the boy to the present Lord of Nightmares. And now his name Lordi (Lordi), and it is - the embodiment of all nightmares, present and past. The boy who turned into a monster of their own volition and not because of an unhappy childhood.

But no one wants to be alone, even one who calls himself a "Freddy Krueger rock 'n' roll." Lordi engaged in an intensive search of kindred spirits. And when, finally found, it is not surprised that one of them was a veteran of the large army of fans of the band Kiss. They were willing to give up their former "I" and embody the collective images of horrible monsters

And even despite the fact that Lord says: "My Paradise - Your Hell!" - This is a terrible place also reflects a state of mind. Penetrating deep into the "monsterikanskie" dreams can understand one important thing - a monster to be a lot of fun. (Yes, and girls do not always prefer white and fluffy).

Thus was born - the great mummy Amen, domineering Valkyrie Enar, zombie biker from hell Calma and alien chelovekozver China, and headed the armies of this dark lord. Mobs armed with guitars and killer songs. A Sound of Thunder!


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