Sequoia. Tree - Giant (21 photos)

Some of the most amazing trees of our planet - the redwoods. These majestic giants millennia grow upwards and outwards, and today is the highest plants in the world.

Giant sequoias are a subspecies of cypress. The sight of these huge trees whose trunks and crowns go up to tens of meters, unwittingly admired ...

The oldest of the now famous redwoods there are more than 3, 5 thousand years

The average tree height is about 60 meters, but there are whole trees taller than 90 meters. To date, there are about fifty redwoods, whose height exceeds the 105-meter mark.

The tallest of trees now known planet is Sequoia & quot; & quot ;, Hyperion growing in Redwood National Park near San Francisco. The height of this giant is 115, 5 meters.

There is an interesting subspecies redwoods - Sequoia, at different heights, but larger diameter trunks. Most bulk sequoia in the world refers to this subspecies is 83, 8-meter & quot; General Sherman & quot ;, which is equal to the diameter of the base 11, 1 meter, and the coverage of the barrel - 31, 3 meters. The volume of wood is 1487 m3.



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