Oxana Fedorova lives with a German in the guest status

«Miss Universe" Oksana Fedorova, a wedding in Munich in mid-August, had time with her husband already left. Businessman Philip Toft was in Germany, and the Russian beauty back to Moscow.

Oksana took her husband's name, but their careers could not refuse. The couple can not come to an agreement, where they live, so the couple went away for an indefinite period. It turns out, Oksana and her husband guest marriage? Since they live in different countries, and each of their lives.

Mom Fedorova says that is not true that the Germans learn Russian language and come to live in Moscow. "He likes it here. A road Oksana her work. They talk on the phone every day. But when he gets here, I do not know, "- says Elena A. mom beauties. The woman is very worried that he could not communicate with his son in law, it does not speak in English or German.

Elena A. hopes that Toft learn Russian, and then she will be able to learn about family decisions couples from him personally, "Phil said he learned Russian to communicate freely with me." By the way, the mother of his daughter's wedding on Fedorova could not come, for some reason she was denied a visa.

It is doubtful whether this is something that sooner or later, the couple will have to choose: either Fedorov quits his job, or Philip - your business. If the couple can not decide on this issue, it is likely, Fedorov and Toft would part because spouses can not live separately in different countries and be seen once a month for a few days, and all communication to reduce to a telephone conversation. This will have to make sacrifices, we think, is obvious.

By the way, at a recent exhibition of confectionery Oksana appeared much plumper and a dense ring of protection. Since the wedding was held just two months, and Fedorov recovered two sizes.

Asked whether she is pregnant, the beauty replied with a haughty smile, what about your privacy is not going to tell. But recently it has agreed to sell their wedding photos for a decent amount of money, and for a reasonable fee star told the details of his relationship with a German spouse.

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