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In our XXI century airplane flights are not nonsense, but rather a common phenomenon. But no matter how we tried to get used to the flight, our body sometimes refuses subordination. To make the journey took place nice and comfortable, doctors recommend follow a few simple rules:

 - Do not overeat during and before the flight. Remember, this will save you from unpleasant sensations.

 - Many turn to complain of dizziness. What doctors give wise and powerful advice: "Try to focus, stop your eyes on some stationary, at rest the subject».

To get rid of the noise and feeling of stuffiness in the ears, put in your mouth like candy and all the arm lift.

 - For people who fear heights, with increased nervousness, doctors recommend deep breathing in the air: this simple technique helps to cope with stress. To avoid increased levels of anxiety, a sense of surrender to a meal or take a sedative (such as valerian or motherwort). But not get carried away by alcohol - a glass of wine to relax enough. Light music or magazine to help shift your attention to the road and the air bag will go to sleep.
 - In order not to create additional pressure on the veins of the legs, try not to put a foot on the leg. Most often change position and do the exercise rasslablinyuschie. During the long flight several times passed. Sitting in her place, do not let your body numb. Wiggle your feet, do a light massage. If there are problems with veins, purchase compression stockings.

 - The air in the cabin is dry, and the body will inevitably lose the necessary reserve liquid. Passengers are advised during the flight to drink more water and juices, and as little as possible upotreblint coffee, alcoholic beverages, to reduce dehydration.

 - During the flight should not smoke, because nicotine interferes with normal blood clotting.

 - If you suffer from chronic diseases, take with you to the salon the necessary medicines.

 - To better adapt to the time zone on long-haul flights in an easterly direction recommended to fly at night and arrive - in the morning, sleeping in an airplane required. If you're flying to the west, it is recommended to take off the morning or afternoon, coming - in the evening, sleep on the plane is not recommended.

 - If you are traveling with a young child, be sure to bring a new toy for the baby that will surprise and occupy his attention. It is closely contact with reclining armrests, tables, chairs and other mechanization. Fingers babies are thin and they shoved them very quickly anywhere. As always, it is very important your own peace of mind and confidence in the unfamiliar surroundings of the aircraft. Then the child will not be worry, and the flight will take place fun.

 - Expectant mothers before flying is recommended to consult with your doctor. Airlines usually allowed to fly up to 8 months of pregnancy. If a long flight, it is necessary every 1, 5 hours to walk down the aisle and do light exercise, drink plenty of water to sit closer to the aisle.

Enjoy your flight!


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