The most stupid money from the common cold

Many years ago, an old friend to me cited Japanese troestishie - haiku: "I was lying on the shore. And I gasped into the kiss. Damn runny nose! "I do not know exactly whether it is a Japanese creation, but it is known that a runny nose - the most common and contagious infectious disease in the world. Today - 10 most bizarre ways to get rid of him.

10th: It is said that the attending physician of Honore de Balzac was incredibly honest, he ordered his colds patient: "At a cold should be used daily for three to six handkerchiefs».

9th place: Hippocrates believed that a quick and effective remedy for the common cold - bloodletting. Pliny the Elder recommended "kissing the hairy muzzle of a mouse».

8th place: Prutkov known story of how Alexander the Great advised to lubricate the nose from a cold lard, to which he demanded a candle. As a result, his men looted a lot of money from the treasury, head of "The thing about holiday tallow candles for the lubrication of the august nose." For this story Kozma bars was regarded as a freethinker and even more seditious than ever before: a story really happened, but not with Alexander the Great, and with Paul I.

7th place: The medicine is prescribed court doctor Samuel Collins Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich "against arrogance, runny nose and golovoboleny" - berries like cherries, which gave a drink from the influx of strength and vigor. True, the berries were not fried, but because of them drink a little resembled modern - from roasted beans - coffee.

6th place: Coca-Cola, as you know, first proposed for use in medical applications. However, besides the common cold it intended to use as a contraceptive, the proceeds of the blues, and God knows what.

5th place: Chelyabinsk One nurse came to work with a bad cold. All the usual means it did not help, and seeing her anguish, who was at the reception policeman offered to help her effect has surpassed all expectations applied it means eliminate runny nose for 10 seconds, he squirted in the face of martyr gas with the romantic name "Bird cherry».

4th place: In the German city of Essen in 1870, the famous tycoon Krupp built a palace of steel with hermetically embedded windows. It is home Krupp considered the best way from what most feared: the fire and the common cold.

3rd place: As the Japanese say: "From the common cold, and love no cure." Conclusion? Needless to pass. One of the most unusual exhibitions took place ten years ago in Madrid. Exhibits could not see or touch, however, visitors are sure to guess what is before them: old furniture, garden, black ... However, with a cold there is nothing to be done: the exhibition "demonstrated" odors.

2nd place: Willow - a tree that lives "feet in the water", and, according to the ancient physicians, that it had to treat the common cold and rheumatism. It is absolutely unbelievable, but in the XIX century, this view was unexpected confirmation - when obtained from willow bark acid, which can be treated colds - salicylic acid.

1st place: It is said that the best cure for the common cold and headache - the guillotine. But negros African tribe of the Shilluk treat their leaders when those cold, exactly the same - just kill. After all, they think the leader has to be a perfect man, or a tribe come upon all sorts of trouble, and the leader of a runny nose is not perfect.


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