Happiness is cheaper than everyone thinks

On the question of what kind of happiness, many are beginning to list: the car, but not simple, and the newest concept car, an apartment, preferably on the ruble, and all bank account. Like, if all this is - for the happiness and the case will not be.

In fact, the study of psychologists from the University of Nottingham, in order to be happy, you can do much less blood. The ability to eat a bar of your favorite chocolate, soak in a bath, take a nap in the middle of the day, a leisurely walk in the park - it is these simple pleasures make a person happy. In fact, it is difficult to enjoy life, lounging in a deck chair on the most expensive resort, when all around you are dense wall of bodyguards eclipsed sun.

The experiment itself, hosted by scientists, not extremely difficult - test measured the "happiness level" using "the scale of life satisfaction", developed by the University. Participants of the experiment were the winners of the various lotteries, winning a lot of money. The results of their survey the researchers compared the data obtained from the control group, which included ordinary people, if they win, very small amounts of money.

In the questionnaire, the subjects were asked questions about how satisfied they were with various aspects of their lives, in addition, psychologists carefully studied the mood of these people and find out how often and in what form they indulge themselves. To the surprise of researchers, it was found out that a lot of happiness - this is not an opportunity to enjoy luxury, even for very wealthy people. Much more fun respondents receive, as they themselves admitted, by listening to music, reading a book or a glass of fine wine in the comfort of your home.

According to Dr Richard Tunney, the head of research, unpretentious small pleasures explained quite simply: "In the modern world on a daily basis we are under pressure. We can not afford to give in this report, but sometimes weariness and irritation gush over the edge, and the only thing that remains for us to "stay afloat" - is pampered. Because, for example, traveling is not everyone can afford, many choose the most affordable at a certain point the way to console themselves ».

In addition, the survey revealed another interesting pattern: happy people are more likely to choose to relax the "free" pleasure, such as occupation favorite thing, going out with friends, a bath with aromatic oils, while the less happy indulging junk food, cheap CD, going to the movies.


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