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What is the feature of this brief guide? It provides useful information about Gopnik around the world. What are the benefits for you personally? Motel on a mustache and be ready for the unexpected at any point on the globe.

GOP - City hostel abbreviation of the proletariat. It existed in the 1920s. in Petrograd at Ligovsky Prospect, 10. Modern gopnichesky clothing style was born in the 20-40 years of the twentieth century. Clothing was bought at flea markets, changed to something was stolen or just - emerged as a modern combination of incongruous and love for the large size.

Gopnik is an analogue of American self-thugs.
Similarities: a passion for cheap gaudy jewelry (rings and chains), the division of the territorial and national principle, love tuned wheelbarrow.
Differences: American criminal street-music culture popularized worldwide, can not be said about our artists like Katy Spark and groups "Newbies Murka".

Latin America
The most criminogenic region of the Earth, the crime rate is three times higher than the global.
Similarities: outdoor lifestyle and gopnichestva similar causes - unemployment and poverty.
Differences: Latin Gopnik is much more impulsive than ours, and the question of "Che lybishsya?" The answer is not "You Th, King?", And the bullet.

Past the big colonial power brings not very pleasant results.
Similarities: the division into categories, gaudy clothing and earning a living gop-stop.
Differences: French Gopnik extremely politicized and despise the indigenous population. Our Gopnik, on the contrary, consider themselves to be salt of the earth Russian, and not interested in politics.

Most gopnicheskie cities of the country - and Lahti Kuvolda.
Similarities: cold, idleness and love for alcoholic beverages.
Differences in Finland, anyway - a respectable European country. And somewhere in Lahti Kapotnia boys themselves will be an excellent target for the GOP-stop.

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