Enrique Iglesias: "In love 5 years - both for you 80"

32-year-old Iglesias Jr. spoke about his plans for the girl and family life (especially for "7 Days").

"My girlfriend Anna Kournikova - a real beauty, but she is also very intelligent, witty and generally wonderful person. More serious relationship I have with no one there. We have been together for 5 years and love affairs to me 5 years - it's like 80 to you and everyone else. I'm not the easiest guy does not light, and the work I have also not the easiest. "

To the question "Do you plan to have a family?" Henry answered in the affirmative: "In the distant future - of course. But how to prove my grandfather three years ago, our family people can to have children, even when they are already under 90 years. And before that age I still have plenty of time. "This is only necessary to consider the fact that when the singer will knock 90, Kournikova will have 84.



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