Scientists have found the reason for the abuse of women's perfume

It is believed that the ladies themselves flavored fragrances exclusively for men - are attracted by the smell. And sometimes just lose all sense of proportion - stifled so profusely that their presence does not breathe.

Dr. Ehud Schoenfeld, a physiologist and expert in autoimmune diseases at the University of Tel Aviv (Israel), has dispelled this misconception. According to him, the men here may have to do with it at all. And the main reason for depression. - Something upset or worried woman loses the ability to properly perceive smells - says Ehud. - And compensates for the shortcomings of their excessive use of perfume smell.

His hypothesis at the expense of the loss of sense of smell, scientists have tested in mice artificially will drive them into depression. And yet discovered: frustrated mice begin to eat less - lose weight. Because I do not feel the joy of food without feeling its flavor. From the opening of the next two have human output. First, highly fragrant woman will soon become even slimmer, voluntarily restricting your diet. And second perfume line - it's still a hint of the men who could focus specifically on something to cheer sad woman. And not to look boring.

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