25 good advice

1. You want to be original - whether good

2. My advice to you: do not listen to anyone's advice. And this, too.

3. It is necessary to cut the branch on which you sit, as long as you do not hang on it

4. Do not believe the traffic lights - you believe goes to the transport

5. Do not always say what you know, but always know that you say

6. Do not know - be quiet! You know - shut up!

7. You can not keep silent about outrages, be silent about something other

8. Do not Motel on a mustache that you hang on the ears

9. Thou shalt not oppress the weak, if it is stronger than you

10. Do not put off until tomorrow what has postponed yesterday to today

11. I do not understand myself - do not let understand each

12. Do not stand, anywhere - will fall again

13. You can not stop people from thinking what they think

14. There is no such council, which can not be given

15. Inability to lie is not a reason to tell the truth

16. Never respond to anonymous letters

17. Do not swarm pit to another. Use the one that he dug for you.

18. the truth better than talking on the phone

19. Before entering, think: do you have here?

20. Before you say something - think about it, and then keep silent

21. pass over this bridge to the middle and immediately to the right ...

22. Those born crawling! Fly Aeroflot!

23. Ask so that you do not have to answer for this

24. Be creative myths about themselves. The gods began that way.

25. Dropping dignity, pretend that it is not yours


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