Comments foreigners on Tumblr account Buranovskiye Grandmothers

Translation tape Tumblr
"I would like them to be my grandmothers!»
"Unique among ordinary»
"Buranovskie grandmother - my new idols!»
"It's just wonderful women»
THAT'S COOL! Boom-boom! Caumont End dance! »
"Grandmothers are the coolest! They are better than all these typical snips »
"In my personal top 5 Buranvskie grandmother in second place, because they are simply unrealistic»
"I did not understand what it was, but it was amazing!»
"Grandma baked cakes from Russia and became the most beloved grandmother Tumbler!»
"In Russia, such a good grandmother! I hope to be the same old sweet and gentle »
"I do not know whether you call it pretty, but I think it was cute!»
"They should be the first!»
"Tu sweet grandmother I put on my avatar! Do you mind? »
"I liked it because of the Eurovision Buranovskie grandmothers»
"Sweden did not won, but what did Russia - won my heart!»
"Sweden has won the first place, and Russia - my heart!"


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