The success story of one of the youngest billionaires in the world

David Karp, who made his fortune through an impressive creation of one of the most famous in the world bloggovyh platform Tumblr.

David Karp was born and raised in the Upper West Side, Manhattan, New York in the family of Barbara Ackerman and Michael Karp. From the third to the eighth grade in school The Calhoun School, where she taught by his mother, then briefly attended school Bronx Science, after which he studied at home.
At age 14, he took a course internship teleprodyussera and animator Frank Seibert, and then went on to work as a software consultant for the American Internet portal UrbanBaby, aimed at an audience of young parents face.
Carp left UrbanBaby in 2006 and that same year began work on the first concept Tumblr, which was launched in January 2007.

Internet giant Yahoo suddenly turned into a billionaire 26-year-old American David Karp, who coined the site Tumblr. Despite the fact that the net profit of the project last year was only $ 13 million, Yahoo's board of directors found $ 1 billion a well-deserved price. By the way, David was against the sale.

Karp Tumblr invented in 2007, working in the garage of his mother. To date, this popular blogging service 100 million users. Every day they put 90 million messages. And Karp was another new billionaire of those guys, a little over 20 who fabulously enriched themselves on the internet.

So far, David lives with his girlfriend Rachel in a modest apartment in Manhattan. But this is nothing - the owner of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, whose state is measured by several billions of dollars, even bought a house mortgage. He explained that this unwillingness "to take money out of the business." Such are they strange young billionaires.

It's hard to say that the success of David Karp, founder of 21 years one of the major blogging platforms in the world, was unexpected. Young David always had a wit and cleverness. So, before reaching adulthood, he moved to Tokyo to improve their professional skills. There, he decided to become a businessman, and the only obstacle, according to Karp, was the voice. To look older, he had a tube basit and hope that a personal meeting with potential partners can be avoided. Back in the US, Karp began working at the company Viacom, package brands which at that time were MTV, Nickelodeon, Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks. This success came a year later, when David Karp founded platform Tumblr, supports photo and video content. Already in the first two weeks of blogs brought 75,000 people. Now, at age 25, is the head of Carp, estimated at $ 800 million. And their own magazines on Tumblr have Barack Obama, Lady Gaga and GQ.


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