Scientists: think better lying down

It turned out that by taking the horizontal position, the person becomes more intelligent. It found Australian neuroscientist. "Horizontal position really affects the performance of the brain - said Dr. Darren Lipnitsky from the School of Physiology of the Australian National University. - My experiences have shown that lying down, people are much easier to cope with even the most complex tasks ».

At the request of the physiologist 20 volunteers guessed anagram - were the words of five letters entangled. And while at first they did it standing, and then - lying. It turned out that, lounging on the couch, people found a solution much faster. And they tend to appear suddenly in the brain.

Neuroscientists have found that when a person thinks, taking a horizontal position, it is in his blood gets a large amount of norepinephrine. This hormone is produced adrenal glands. It works as a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, enhancing cognition and attention. However, the scientist does not exclude the effect of comfort: lying person is calm, therefore, he has more power to focus on solving a specific problem.

That is why analysts usually advise their patients to lie down on the couch before the conduct healing conversation.

Business issues too, as it turned out, it is better to shake down if business partners reclining in a chair rather than standing at the reception with a glass of wine in hand. In the first case, as practice shows, the productivity of the conversation increased almost 10 times.


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