Team-2 soon on the big screen

After the resounding success of Russian serial "Brigade" in 2002, producer and inspirer of which was "the main stunt the country's" Alexander Inshakov, enthusiastic audiences have repeatedly asked about a possible sequel. But the creators consistently rejected the idea: "The final story will put everything in its place and the continuation does not make sense».

Since then, many fans of the show to discuss it, arguing that bears a picture and, of course, hope to see continued.
Every now and then there are rumors that the script "Brigade-2" has already written that there is a preparation for the shooting, recruited new cast ... The creators of the first part of the film are tired of repeating that these are only rumors.
And so it happened !!!
The film, which will certainly become the most anticipated premiere, in recent years, yet ready for production!

Six years after the first film, an unprecedented audience interest and fierce debate critics, producer of "Brigade" Alexander Inshakov taken for the creation of the second part of the picture. However, the sequel will be a feature film. And, unlike the first picture, taken by the studio "Avatar Movie", the second part will shoot film company "Cascade", founded by Alexander himself Inshakov and Yuri Shabaykin.

At present there is approval of the script and the formation of a film crew. In the near future will begin shooting.

All the twists and turns of the plot are held in the strictest confidence, as well as what you will participate in the filming of the second part, some of the stellar cast of the first "Brigades»!

During the time elapsed from the output of the series, the project had become a legend in its scope, ambition, quality and overgrown mass of rumors. In addition, the "Brigade", the year of the screens, has become the most expensive film in Russia. It is known that a series of budget was nearly $ 200 million. In those days - an unprecedented figure!
The series "Brigade" has broken every conceivable record spectator popularity and became the first Russian film to reach the semifinals of the prestigious American telepremii "Emmy", not to mention the fact that in the year output, the project became the main event of the majority of Russian film and television awards. Then the "Brigade" took the prize for best film and best TV series awards such as "Taffy" and "Golden Eagle", and this is not a complete list.

The creators and actors also have won many prizes. But the main prize is surely a huge audience love and undying interest to the painting
New job creators are going to at least repeat and even surpass the success of the series.

Based on materials from the film company "Cascade" and ProfiCinema


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