About tanks (18 photos)

A selection of tanks of World War II.

Tank BT-7, the 35th year. Child Stalin doctrine of war in enemy territory. Possessed great speed (later modified with diesel V-2 up to 86 mph on wheels), could with the covers on wheels racing tracks behind enemy lines for European co-lo.
Had the nickname "Flying Tank" because for propaganda purposes, for newsreel make long jumps through ditches and streams. Successfully fought on Khalkhin-, stormed the Mannerheim Line in Finnish in the 45th finished off the Japanese. Good, beautiful machine, the forerunner of Thirty.

T-34 is recognized by all as the best tank of the 2nd World War, but the stress on the totality of all qualities, including mass production, ie, they greatly outnumbered the German T-III, but later in the battles with the Tigers and with self-propelled guns were carrying a very significant loss. Also called "peasant tank" because Even illiterate peasants (what basically amounted to the Red Army) could master the management and maintenance of this machine.
This T34-76, the former at the beginning of the war blind-deaf-mute Fortress. Overview of the tank's reviews veterans was woefully inadequate, radios, our tanks are not equipped (commanders were to be put out of the hatch and waving flags). Powder gases when firing fell inside the tank. The Germans were amazed by the extremely austere compartment swallows our crew. I write about the shortcomings in order to emphasize the heroism of our tankers.

Our handsome. View from the stern (it is hidden a great diesel V-2).

Light tank T-60. Made more of their opportunities in the Battle of Moscow.


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