In St. Petersburg, opened fire ambulance (4 photos)

How it was: How to call it, I do not know because it does not give any judgment ... on Tuesday at about 20:00 in the street Krylenko our car was fired on 03 ushlepkom of pneumatics. 3 glass damaged, as can be seen from the gallery (people were not injured). Circumstances of event: Voditel03 standing near the entrance to the open door of the carriage, with extended-awaited heavy stretcher stretcher patient. Move off in this case it is impossible! At this point, the back pulls stained black jeep. And the cattle out of the jeep starts bychit to our driver-Tipo "I live here and take away their trash, I've always put your car, you are in my way!" Our driver-very politely and clearly to his intellect outlined the essence of the problem, he said that nowhere I would not go that awaits heavy bolnogo.I we do something fast, if it is not noticed! In response rassveripelo cattle, began to swear, waving his arms and eventually went to Volyn, opened fire and drove away!


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