The dog walked 70 miles to be with the owner

Friendship dog and Military US Army Major Brian Dennis began during his patrol along the border with Syria, Iraq's Anbar province.

Here Major Denis found a dog that was injured and did not hear. For several months he courted dog, cured her and gave her the name Nubss.

But soon came the order to redeploy part of the new camp 70 miles into the desert. Nubssa decided to leave the old camp to camp staff kept it together with other dogs. Denis and his friends thought Nubssa see the last time in his life. And what was the surprise of friends when in 2 days for them through the desert ran Nubss, covered in dirt and dust. After this incident, Denis decided not to part with the dog and take it with them to America. Now Nubss is in Jordan, where he was put vaccinations before heading to America, where he will meet the spring with Dennis when he will return from Iraq.


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