Bike for the tallest man in the world

Kyivlyanyn Vladimir Hahel assembled by hand bike for the tallest man in the world, Leonid Stadnyk (growth of 2, 61 m!). Bicycling has a length of 2 to 30 m, a height of 1 to 40 m and weighs 23 kg. Vehicle surprise two seats: one high, especially for a man-giant, the other removable for people of average height. Kiev "Kulibin" makes a gift without a fitting using only the dimensions Stadnyk indicated in the press.

As the trunk - the ceiling, the frame - an ordinary water pipe. "The idea that Lena still needs a transport appeared August 10, when it is hard," sighed "on television:" In the regional center can not go - not on anything. Now, if I had a bike ... "

To dream of the giant Vladimir took the water pipes, 30 toothed sprocket with a children's bike, the tires purchased and attached parts made from lamp-ceiling rack. All the work took 4 months.

Giving gifts Stadnik held on 24 February in the town of Brovary.

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