36 interesting facts about the person

What do you know about yourself, or some features of the human body

The man is truly an amazing creation - every cell of our body, each of its component - is part of the universe. But is it good, we know ourselves?
So, I offer you some interesting facts about people.

1. ventilation (number of breaths multiplied by the volume of air inhaled) a healthy person reaches 5-9 liters per minute.

2. If all red cells man lay nearby, it would have been a tape, three times girdle the globe at the equator.

3. The human body has 100-160 billion capillaries. If you could pull them into one line, its length would have been 60-80 thousands of kilometers, it is twice the length of the Earth's equator.

4. Large artery of man can withstand a pressure of 20 atmospheres.

5. In ancient Greek people lived an average of 29 years, in Europe, the 16th century - 21, the 17th century - 26, the 18th century - 34, at the beginning of the 20th century - about 50 in the mid-20th century - about 70, and in the end 20 - about 60.

6. enamel hardness can be compared with quartz. It is well known that even the point of sword upon impact of enamel blunts.

7. Obstruction rupture of the vessel or any part of the brain leads to the death of nerve cells. Nerve cells do not come to life. Part of their function take on healthy cells.

8. At the 1 square centimeter of mucosa of human stomach were 100 gastric glands. They are located close.

9. It is estimated that a person in my life potreblinet 2, 5 tons of protein, 1, 3 tons of fat, 17, 5 tons of carbohydrates and 75 tons of water.

10. In the human body up to 3 kg of mineral salts, of which 5/6 is a part of the skeleton. Salt in an adult about 300 grams.

11. 20 amino acids that make up proteins, may give 2500000000000000000 combinations of different protein compounds.

12. 15 grams with an excess of adrenalin would be enough for all the people of the world.

13 The human body can withstand heat up to 44-44, 5 degrees Celsius, and in rare cases - to 45.

14. During the night person produces so much heat that it will be enough to bring to boil 33 liters of ice water.

15. A person over 20 years of 60 holds in his sleep.

16. At the 1 square centimeter of skin is 100 pain points, and their entire surface about a million.

17. hitting the eardrum in the ear, the sound shakes her, and she repeats the vibrations of air waves. Man is able to hear the sound, even if the eardrum under his influence has deviated by a distance equal to the radius of the nucleus of the hydrogen atom.

18. 1 cubic millimeter of cerebral cortex of the brain contains not less than 30,000 neurons. Each of them can communicate with 2-5 thousand other neurons.

19. If we assume that human red blood cells at a speed of 100 pieces per minute, then to count them all, you will need 450 thousand years.

20. One day the bone marrow produces 320 billion red blood cells.

21. Leukocytes, being born in the bone marrow, spleen and lymph nodes, live only 4-5 years.

22. The blood composition differs surprising constancy of certain substances. For example, the protein - 5-8%, sugar - 0, 07-0, 12% of the total amount of salt - 9, 9. Ratio of potassium, sodium, calcium, strictly defined.

23. The total circulation of the blood of an adult is completed in 20-28 seconds, a child - in 15 seconds, a teenager - 18 seconds. During the day, the blood turns to the body 1, 5-2 thousands of times.

24. The weight of the heart is 1/200 of body weight, but the heart is spent on food 1/20 of all energy resources potreblinyut all other organs. Because the metabolism of the heart muscle occurs in 10-20 times stronger than any other organ of man.

25. Carbon dioxide in the exhaled air person is 100 times greater than in the atmosphere.

26. Every minute through the vessels of the brain takes 3/4 liter of blood, and the total length of all vascular cerebral hemispheres is 560 km.

27. Human Bile contains almost no enzymes, in contrast to other digestive juices.

28. The human liver potreblinet 10 times more oxygen than equal to it on the muscle mass and releases more heat.

29. A liver within one minute runs 1, 5 liters of blood, and a day - 2,000 liters.

30. At the 1 square centimeter of the internal surface of the gut villi 3-4 thousand. Each cell is covered by thousands of 3, which in turn have a suction tube 100, the suction surface of the small intestine is about 5 m square, ie. E. 3 times the body surface.

31. In the human body no areas where there were no proteins. In the blood and muscle proteins comprise 1/5 of their total mass in the brain 1/12. Even in the tooth enamel includes 1/100 of proteins. In different organs of proteins make up 45-85% of dry matter.

32. Half of all proteins in our body is replaced within 180 days, and the proteins of the liver in 17 -20 days.

33. The cells of human brain contains 80% water, muscles - 76% in the bones - about 25%.

34. Mass of combined endocrine glands per person is 100 g

35. The pituitary gland is associated with the brain 100 thousand nerve fibers.

36. Human hair 5000 times thicker than the bubble, 5 times the thickness of the capillary is 12 times thicker than the walls of the alveoli and 20 times - the web.

Here we are ... Good luck!


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