The farther into the woods

I have a day or two ago, he wrote that was moved from our powers. Ready even to increase the degree of emotion. Such decisions, both with respect to the beloved police - this is something osbenno.
Well, guess probably what it was about. On the one hand, of course, a severe blow to the saint. Seeds do not eat. Do not spit on the pavement. Beer and other intoxicating joy is not used. Playing with interest, do not look. Even the souvenir beg - and that nizzzya. Something Dad, you really hurt to oppress. This is what then of the essence, the rod can be said to remain. This is not the guardian of order at all, and so will a rotten intellectual.
But what especially touches that the decision is not in the form of an internal circular from afar, and betrayed the most that neither is the general public. That is, quite clearly they have displayed their attitude towards the police. And because they you first guard, gentlemen. The rest - well, you know. Insofar as.
Correct us power. Adequate. Thanks. But the main thing - with an outstanding sense of humor and an inexhaustible supply of wonderful laws and regulations.


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