Vladimir Putin to marry Alina Kabaeva?

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"Moskoru" became known to the sensational details of the upcoming wedding of the century

As the "Moskoru" from circles close to the Petersburg establishment, including the capital of companies engaged in the organization of corporate events, announced a closed tender for the right of the wedding of Vladimir Putin and State Duma deputy from the faction "United Russia" Alina Kabaeva.

Politicians - people who like nobody else depends on public opinion. If divorce is inevitable, and the looming presidency, the divorce can be, and to wait - as did Nicolas Sarkozy. He married the former model Carla Bruni only after he became president of France.

In the case of Vladimir Putin are reversed. While he was president, his wife Ludmila with him Russians could only see if it required a formal protocol. As for the rest, all the information about his family life remain a mystery. It is because of a degree of privacy and a lot was said about the fact that the president is not all right with the "second half».

But presidential term came to an end, daughters have grown up - one is already married and lives in Munich, and the other, a student, of marriageable age, and there is little that binds together the first couple Russia. After the "demobilization", you can find time to deal with personal affairs.

- Vladimir Putin has been divorced two months and free from family ties, - said our informant, a close friend of the head of Art Management Center Carnival-style, which is involved in a closed competition for the right to host the wedding of Vladimir Putin. - The appropriate stamp in the passport he put in a registry office in St. Petersburg. This happened in February. Among the clients of Art Management Center Carnival-style monsters such business as LG, Ltd. "Ural Steel", OJSC "MMC" Norilsk Nickel "," Consultant + "," VTB "the company" Johnson & Johnson ».

One way or another, but the potential bride Alina Kabaeva is not just Olympic champion, a beauty and an excellent student. She is also a politician. In the State Duma as a representative of the faction "United Russia", she - Deputy Chairman of the Youth Policy. In addition, it is loaded and social work - became the chairman of the National Media Group, which owns close friend of President Yuri Kovalchuk.

However, to ask the question of the alleged Kabaeva failed marriage - all day yesterday she held meetings at the State Duma. But her press secretary to answer this question as sharp as a whip kick, the word "None».

The fact that Vladimir Putin, as well as any healthy man, is not indifferent to the beautiful sporty woman, well known in his inner circle. No wonder the gossip linked him with a former basketball player and now TV presenter Yekaterina Andreyeva. And if you believe the memoirs of controversial journalist Elena Tregubova, the president and to look at her.

The wedding is likely to be appointed (or it is already assigned) to the Trinity, which this year falls on June 15th. It consists, without a doubt, the home of the president - in St. Petersburg in the Konstantinovsky Palace. On the composition of guests, their number and how much will be her drunk and eaten, yet nothing is known.
Putin's plan works

From competent sources "Moskoru" was well known that "Putin's plan" against Kabaeva actually has been working.

Kremlin spin doctors were assigned to discreetly "to prepare people" to such an unusual event for our country. That is why all the television channels and national newspapers so often speak with affection about the wedding of French President Sarkozy and model Carla Bruni.


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