Alternative Easter. Tin! (7 photos)

Each nation has its own traditions and cities. We, for example, to paint Easter eggs boiled in red, blue and other bright colors. Ukrainians are painted with intricate patterns, obtained "Eggs."
But in the Austrian town of Hallstatt (Province of Upper Austria) another tradition - and we may find it creepy: they paint a human skull.
Despite the respectable age of the town, there lives a total of about 1,000 people. - The development is constrained by the limited area between the lake and the rocks.
For the same reason, there is an acute shortage of Hallstatt cemetery land.
Every ten years, the bones of the dead are extracted from the ground, bleached, painted (they cause an indication of the name, profession and date of death of the deceased) and put on public display in the local chapel. On thus freeing place to implement new disposal facilities.


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