The new version of the death of the Titanic: the ship was lost due to fire

On the liner "Titanic", which disappeared under the waters of the Atlantic 96 years ago, all the way to the fire raged. According to British media, the conclusion came scientist Ray Boston, who for the last 20 years of his life to studying the history of the death of the famous liner.

According to him, a fire occurred before sailing from Southampton to Korablin coal compartment. However, the fire spread slowly enough, and the owner of the vessel John Morgan has decided to take the risk. Although the ship at any moment could explode, it was decided as quickly as possible to take him to New York and already there to unload the cargo hold.

R.Boston found memories of surviving members of the crew that really confirmed the version of the fire on board the ship. Fears that the ship will explode before the arrival in New York, explained, and too high a speed, which scored "Titanic" and the decision of the captain to go through a zone in which there was a risk of collision with an iceberg.

As a result, the ship had not exploded and sank before, and it struck an iceberg hole in the compartment where the fire was.

British scientist claims that he D.Morgan well aware that "Titanic" may not reach their destination, but because the owner of the ship and insure the last moment took my luggage with Korablin, and this was done at night, in secrecy.

Other researchers have stories of "Titanic" with his colleague not agree. Investigation R.Bostona they compare with attempts to find a new version of the death of Princess Diana or the assassination of President Kennedy.


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