Rules signing photos for Caddy

Just specify who is in the photo.

If you like the picture:
If the photo you - and write 'I' as .mozhno - "YAYAYAYAYAYAYA", "will I", "I'm back", "It is I, too," "That's the I»
If you are in the picture, all mischievous, the most logical would be to sign - "YAAA !!", "Tryam!" "This YAAAA!»

If the photo you are with a friend - there are options - "We. I'm on the left, "" I'm with a friend (left), "" I Marinka. I'm on the left, "" Ya, and Maringa. Ya the left "," I kind of silly. I Left "," alkashki. I'm on the left. »...

If you have photos of the guy - "Me and my boyfriend. I'm on the left.".
If you're with a dog - and write, "I and my dog. I'm on the left".
If the photo you do not all specify what part of you here shows: "My (i) Feet (a)," "My (i) Hands (a)," "elbow", "Here is a ring bought", "drop-down theme "," rear view "," Mizincheg "," navel "," Here's my tattoo »...

If the picture does not like:
Try to justify. Send "Wicked here couple", "Do not sleep fifteen years", "morning with Badun," "Five menut nazat Minh hit the door," "Tokoshto Sarwan into the abyss", "Niprichesannaya" "Then I would be offended someone that", " Boys svolach abmazali me porridge, ablili wine abmazali toothpaste. And finally - a good rest "," IZVENITI FOR TYPE "," Do not judge the strict "," We Marinko. Sad couple »

Say where it is. Of course, it is necessary to inform about the place if the place famous. "In Paris," "in Madrid", "cyprus 2008 summer sea", "igipet, sharmolsheyh 2006", "mountain", "sea", "shoshlyki" ... If the place is not well-known, excuses, "his grandmother in the village "" accidentally drove into some hole "," I pointer. I Left »

Explain what you do in the frame - "Bold", "Atdyhayu", "Social pyvo", "Eat mnyasko. Mnyam-mnyam. "" Mmmm. Marozhena !! "," bathe !! "," trying to cut the wire "," back rests against the pole. I Left »...

Do not forget to emphasize the atypical this photo "I am Inagda and Tocoi", "thoughtful", "I like this couple JKLF nravetsya» ...

Beautiful photographs should be given poetic names "Adinochestvo", "sadness Spring", "Nostolgiya", "Where are you, my prince," "pakoy and umerotvorenie", "whole Tokay calling» ...

You can combine, "I and Marinka. Boldeem on shoshlykah "," I Marinka. I'm on the left. We just hit the door. Marinka couple angry, "" I Marinka. Adinochestvo. »

Well, if the signature is not thought out, you can use something neutral "Bzdysch", "Oppa!", "Here you are!", "Pamparam!», «Born tu bee wild», «Seksi», «Hurrah!»

If you do not invent and do not have time - «.», «,», «...», «!», «!!!», «?».
Good luck everyone.


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