That will give us the medicine in a few years?

Our ancestors died early. The reason were such "trifles" as a broken hip, loss of vision or even just a scratch. At the end of the twentieth century, thanks to the latest medical discoveries, life expectancy has doubled. Another jerk - and the dream of eternal youth will cease to be a fairy tale.

If you lose or have already lost their sight, then you do not need to go under the surgeon's knife. Suffice it to implant the chip in the eye, and the world will gain a clear outline. This proved successful experiments conducted at the University of Illinois Chicago Medical Centre. Three completely blind patients were implanted with an artificial silicon retina (ICS), which is fully restored their sight.

Today, every third inhabitant of the Earth's bad teeth. In order not to deprive a person of white-toothed smile, scientists from the American Research Centre at the University of San Antonio (Texas) have found a solution. They found the genes responsible for normal development of the teeth. These genes "work" only during tooth formation, and then "off". If they once again "turn on" on-site or remote fallen grow a new tooth. From the theory of genetic engineers went to practice, and a miracle happened: the first was grown human tooth. But while not in the patient's mouth and in the laboratory.

Scientists believe that this experiment, they laid the foundation for a new generation of dental surgery: anyone who lost a tooth, he will be able to grow up in my mouth a new one. "However, the widespread use of this technology will get only twenty years" - says the author of the discovery Dr. McDougall. Therefore, while it is necessary to keep your teeth, the data is not genetic engineers, and nature.

However, that progress in medicine is not stopped, scientists have invented a gel impotent.

No sooner had the humanity to get used to the drug for impotence "Viagra" as a new word - MED2002 - was transferred to the Americans by word of mouth. This ointment impotence is currently not for sale and is being tested at various levels.

Professor urologist Irwin Goldstein of Boston University conducted a study that showed that this drug helps in 69% of cases. Thus, in contrast to the "Viagra", it is not contraindicated in people with a weak heart and it does not need to stick to the penis like other means.

The gel is based on glyceryl, a vasodilator. Physicians for more than 40 years, used it to treat angina. And now suddenly we discovered an interesting side effect - an erection. It turns out, is not there before smeared.

According to scientists, the miracle gel can occur in pharmacies within three years. Like, in the initial trials have proven its effectiveness.

Also close to the sensation of smoking vaccine trial. She should deny people the pleasure that deliver cigarettes. Specifically - euphoria they contain nicotine. The drug enters the brain, from which he produces dopamine - "happiness hormone". On it, the people and "sit down." And smoke, getting more and more doses.

The preparations contain bacteria coupled to nicotine molecules. They immune system responds. And it produces antibodies that bind to begin already with all the molecules trapped in the body of nicotine.

According to the plans of scientists, "graft" and has maloradostnye smokers should quickly give up the habit. What, in fact, confirmed last year's tests in Switzerland. However, because of the experimental quit smoking, only 60%. But experts believe this result terrific. And to secure the success of the vaccine is recommended to be pricked once a year. Today in the United States identified the crucial test. If they run successfully, the drug could be on the market in 2010.

On the approach as revolutionary mosquito. His British scientists are busy developing. But before you hit the ground, they found people whom mosquitoes do not bite. And try to understand why. It turned out that some lucky exude aromas. They also scare off bloodsuckers - the researchers verified experimentally. They collected the pot and gave the sniff ukusoustoychivyh mosquitoes. Those just brought back.

Further, out of the sweat it allocated and synthesized 'active ingredient', which in concentrated form - surprisingly - has a pleasant fruity aroma. Now it is tested 16 volunteers.

Next step: the scientists seriously expect to create a tablet, the use of which would cause the organism to produce repellent substance. The result should be a cure for the mosquito.


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