The most disgusting habits of women (read more)

Watching the show and falls asleep and is switched to football, immediately wakes up and cries out: "I look!»

Wearing tights, she jumps up and tries to lift himself in them, as Baron Munchausen.

It can kill a lot of time and money on nails, then to a break and bellow all evening.

Chatting on the phone for hours - even when it is already out of the socket vydernesh, it is still more potreschit forty minutes.

How much it is necessary to leave the house to be at 18-30, for example, at a party, if you know that the path from the house to visitors in 45 minutes !? Her response - at 18-30!

Dresses up with at least a couple of times after he said: "Well, all I'm ready!»

Very quickly tupit knives.

Always behind, when you run the tram.

Plans for the weekend it is always there in fifteen minutes prior to your release fishing.

When you have run away, because it was late requests quickly cleaned her boots.

How can you go to the store for bread and spend a hundred rubles ?! And at the same time forget to buy bread.

You just bought a "Sport-Express", just going with him to the toilet, and it is already cleaned fish or beets!

Constantly hiding men's socks in the washing machine.

He starts laughing, but you have not finished telling anecdote. And when you're finished talking, asking, "So what?" Or "Is he?»

Hairdryer buzzes during football.

Or sits during the match with the phrase: "Well, talk to me, huh?" And during the "House-2" - never.

Generally, when the show football, it has two things: one is to the right of the TV, the other left.
And when we have lost, be sure to ask about the morning as they played.
Yes, even adding: "And, I'm told, they will lose."

Almost always asks football or news to make quieter. Apparently, it is difficult to hear, as the thundering noise of the pan or the water in the sink.

Do not lift for a toilet seat.

Stupid habit to remember all the birthdays! And yet - and that when she bought clothes. Normal else boots!

Yes, boots. And boots, and boots, and boots. That pebble converged on these autumn boots, which she does not have, or are already quite worn out or already ashamed to go out on the street or who are no longer worn. The same goes for hats, fur coats and stuff.

Snore. And the critical days. And boots.

When you've left the shop and started the car, she calls in a cell and says, "At the same time even take anything for tea!»

He asks: "Do you remember what day it is?" Instead of just saying.
Offended if on March 8 she also donate a tie or socks.

When washing the pockets never check, but if the clothes hanging on the rack, be sure to check all pockets and not once.

Regularly forgets her husband loves you so constantly asks him about it


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