12 natural laws.

1. You have to - you and do
What is the point of doing anything that does not make the slightest use to yourself? Our results of operations should be at least gratitude or self-esteem. Energy - it is always a reward us for something. If others unload your worries to us, we will never get to do their jobs properly and appropriately pleasure inspiration for a new job.
2. Do not promise. Promised - done
Unless we become freer and richer if we distribute promises? And if you do not keep our promises unless it reduces the reputation only in someone's eyes? But also our own? There is not even a reputation, and deception that we osuschevstvlyaem. One of the most important laws designed to keep track of cheating in the first place, to himself.

3. Do not ask - do not go
Often we are guided by well-intentioned attempt to influence the choices of others, their thinking and actions. As might be expected more often in response, we do not get any thanks, but just condemnation. It is not possible to learn from the mistakes of others, each goes his own way through.

4. please do not refuse
When we are asked, it is meant to thank for the performance of certain services. This helps to feel gratitude own value, that gives us the inner source of energy self-esteem.

5. Live the present (and not the past and future)
Energy-given today should be directed to the present day. The best we can do with the past and the future, you can always do just now.

6. Do not sink
Obviously, when we cling to something one we slowing down its development. If we tread in one place, you do not get new energy. One of the toughest laws. Man peculiar depressions.

7. Do not set a goal. (The goal is to serve as a beacon)
The goal - it's not what crash, the goal - this activity. If you see a view to a final point, the point is reached can experience emptiness. The best goals - goals endless, for example self-goal.

8. Do not bother anyone
Speak when you are ready to listen. Does not impose itself to people. In this case, you will always get a zero for itself a positive result, as well as wasted energy waste.

9. There is no bad weather
If you learn to see in an unsuccessful attempt another proven not suitable option, but not the last possible, and in difficult circumstances - an environment for personal development, we will not simply waste energy on mourning, and we will move forward.

10. Do not judge, do not criticize
The habit of criticizing - a sign of their own low self-esteem. Criticize others, we call them negative backlash.

11. Do not transmit information without making it his (experience, skills, abilities)
Be careful when opening their other goals and plans. They sometimes absurd comments or mundane reason you can clip the wings and goals lost their significance.
It is not necessary to advise others that have not yet tried out for yourself. If your word will always be based on your experience, people will appreciate it.

12. Everywhere and always ask permission
Show respect for other people's property, intellectual and physical. Otherwise, be prepared to justify the consumption of energy.


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