Billionaire Branson hold the wedding in space

What did not come up, these billionaires. One of them, Richard Branson, moreover, that organized the first space tourism company Virgin Galactic, but decided to have the wedding in the first flight.

Groupies, please do not worry, marries not the eccentric billionaire, as he is already married, and his two passengers of the flight. By the way, apparently, the bride and groom get a discount on tickets, as each of them will pay $ 100 000 each, at an average ticket price of space travel is 200 000 dollars. Raketolety first flight will take place later this year.

By the way, Branson is not the first time acts as brakosochetatelya, once he has had to carry out the ceremony, it was on an airplane flying from San Francisco to Las Vegas. And as recently as December of last year, he was the best man at the wedding of his good friend Larry Page, the wedding took place on an island in the Caribbean, all belonging to the same Branson.

Such is the wedding saga of a man whose fortune exceeds 3 billion pounds. What zhe, but someone at the same time will get beautiful memories for a lifetime, and be satisfied with the modest title of billionaire conqueror of the universe.


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