In one day, the executive of Yahoo lost $ 500 million

After Yahoo rejected Microsoft, shares
Yahoo dropped in price at once by 15%, which reduced
the market value of the company at $ 14 billion.

Executive director of Yahoo's Jerry Yang (pictured - in the center) said that its position in the negotiations on the possible sale of Yahoo Microsoft's become "more open" and said that he was only "sought mutual understanding" when Microsoft unexpectedly interrupted discussion of the problem.

Yang said that he "mixed feelings" after the weekend, investors showed their disappointment after the talks that Yahoo shares fell in price by 15%, which means a reduction in the market value of the company at $ 14 billion. Sam Young, who owns 4% of the shares, so in one day to lose about $ 500 million.

In response to the question whether the continuation of negotiations with Microsoft, Yang said: "If they have new proposals, we are always open for them. I am more than is to listen to them ».

During the three-month peregovov Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer raised his offer price to $ 33 per share, versus the initial $ 31, with a total transaction of $ 47, 5 billion. However, Yang insisted on a price of $ 37 per share. Unable to reach a compromise, Microsoft announced the end of negotiations, which caused a sharp drop in prices of Yahoo


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