You watch House-2, if ...

1. Number of concerned idiots who consider themselves princes, equals the number of prostitutes who consider themselves princesses.

2. From TV sticks ponytail and hooves.

3. Do you think you've seen it a year ago.

4. Do you remember when we saw it the first time.

5. You are sick.

6. Do you constantly offer upload some obscure x ... on your mobile phone.

7. You feel sick again.

8. You will now be hoping that popno.

9. You switch on Country Hour and you're wondering.

10. You do not understand where the world is heading.

11. You do not know who is interested in the x ..., although they refer to it.

12. The first time you are happy to advertising.

13. You never ceases vomiting.

14. If there are doing everything: getting married, divorced, e ..., quarrel, reconciled again th ... discuss yesterday quarreled, reconciled and then e ... satisfied idiotic competitions, but do not build a house.

15. If this is not exactly a movie about Indians appachey and characters called Mai and sun.

16. If the country is not exactly an hour, and the main character - a horse.

17. If everyone concerned idiot thinks his eggs cooler than the rest of the idiots are concerned.

18. If each schitiet prostitute herself beautiful, and the horse feels very smart.

19. If the horse says human voice and it did not voice.

20. If the horse walks on two legs and it's not special effects.

21. You still sick !!!


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