The Central Bank advised Russians not to hoard cash

According to financiers, courses rublin,
the dollar and euro will be stable.

The Central Bank of sounding the alarm: they believe that in the near future, the ruble may zalihoradilo. Deputy chairman Konstantin Korischenko even advised all Russians do not keep their savings in cash.

 - The ruble, like any other currency, sooner or later will suffer quite serious fluctuations, - said the banker.

The reason for the upcoming jumps - the Central Bank started to regulate the different currencies. The fact is that before the Central Bank tried to smooth away differences in the quotes dollar and euro rublin. But now, in front of him more ambitious task: to make the ruble one of the strongest currencies in the world, to fight inflation and to help develop still weak Russian stock market.

In these purposes the Central Bank has no choice but to play in the currency market by market rules. That is rublin rates, the dollar and euro will be determined only by the actual supply and demand. Because of what may be a strong jump in quotations.

But ordinary Russians, making daily purchases in shops, swings, according to experts, will not be reflected.

 - I recently met with major financiers, and none of them expressed concerns about future shocks currency - said the deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Credit Organizations and Financial Markets Pavel Medvedev. - In the next month or two, no impairments will not be exact, and as savings, keep their money in cash is always bad. Especially when we all deposits are insured.


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