That fear celebrities

10th: Former FBI chief Hoover was terrified of germs. He went into this fear so far that it has ordered to establish in his office a special ultraviolet light, because I thought that it kills germs and viruses. Recent studies have shown that Hoover was right. At Hoover had assistants, whose task was to kill the flies. He studiously avoided handshakes.

9th place: The German film star Marlene Dietrich also was afraid of germs. She has always been ready a bottle of rubbing alcohol to disinfect their toilet seat.

8th place: great film director Federico Fellini preferred silence and darkness. But it is the darkness terrifies the Madonna and Keanu Reeves.

7th place: Richard Gere - a great connoisseur of the female sex, but he can not stand when women clean room, sweep the floor or sidewalk in front of his house. He has a strong allergy to dust. Even there was a joke: "If you want to you walked Richard Gere, set the table" There is a cleaning service "and you are free from Gere».

6th place: Sean Connery, the legendary James Bond, afraid to see the "red light" traffic light, he immediately hands are cold and start shivering.

5th place: Sharon Stone does not include television, if one is in the room. She thinks that it can explode at any moment.

4th place: Colin Farrell is not afraid to die of lung cancer, so shamelessly smokes. She is not afraid to knock in the night in the room of Angelina Jolie and even not afraid of snakes. But he is already covered by sticky sweat at the thought that he would have to fly on an airplane. So he never travels alone. In a way it is constantly accompanied by a couple of podstrahovschikov crew. However, fear of flying as Jennifer Aniston and Whoopi Goldberg.

3rd place: the Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar does not make a cemetery. During the filming of the television series producers even had to create an artificial cemetery.

2nd place: Superhero "Sahara," Matthew McConaughey can easily go hiking or backpacking through the desert on a raft down the Amazon. But he gives in to ... rotating doors and dark tunnel.

1st place: Nicole Kidman is afraid of butterflies.


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