Missile system S-300 (16 photos)

Let's talk about something so much afraid of the Americans.
The news even talked about a ban on the supply of anti-aircraft missile defense systems S-300 to Iran.
Not just the same!
To hide the telltale apply full-scale inflatable models are equipped with additional devices simulate the electromagnetic radiation in the infrared and radio.

What is so spugalis Americans?

C-300 was originally designed to defend large industrial and administrative facilities, military bases and command posts from the blows of air and space attack of the enemy. Simply put the main function of the complex - air defense. But the rocket (if pull their socks), he can knock down.

The West and Israel fear that a very complex gets to the Middle East, and he, in turn, is eager to get it. Why fear? Because the complex is officially never participated in the fighting. Unofficially, it is an old soviet model hit all the specified goals during the exercise. With this gizmo Muammar Gaddafi did not have to hide in the safe houses in Tripoli, shaking with fear of air raids.

It's no secret that Moscow uses several rings of defense. For the most part such rings are tens of military units with air defense systems, scattered in a circle in different places of the capital and suburbs. Heavy snowfall has provided the opportunity to look at one of these parts, standing on alert

Fotochki no ice. But when there are dense forest, snowdrifts knee, barbed wire, cameras and other protection systems - not to the beauty of cards.

Giganstskaya radilokatsionnaya station will react in a matter of minutes in the event of control on the information about the violation of airspace. The original S-300P uses a combination of HBO 76N6 Doppler radar for target detection and RPN 30N6 phased antenna array for tracking and targeting.

Estesstvenno disadvantage is that the launch of missiles produced in semi-automatic mode, ie, without human intervention here will not do. Time deployment - 5 minutes.

In order to create a favorable territory for the purpose of air and missile defense deforestation carried out in the direction of the complex responsibility, Coating ground "mounds" or construction of stationary rigs to accommodate the antenna posts

The observation tower and missing hour - that's the main answer to all questions. The fact that so zealously feared the West is virtually unattended for most truly raspizdyaystvu (hello Rogozin!).

Launchers are four transport-launch container with missiles, equipped with stand-alone elektropitaniyai mounted on the chassis of heavy off-road vehicles. Desyatikolёsny truck without missiles in reserve gradually falls asleep snow.

And here is the calculation of the combat missile, which have already covered with ice crust

But the fire shield seems to be ok and reds lit the fire from afar

Antediluvian radio relay communication with the control point

Stand-alone generator providing control point and locators

The military part is actually huge, and it's only a small piece of it

And so we live in a snowy Roissi under cover of such here nobody wants iron

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