The owner of the house on the hill

It seems that children in small French villages will soon be scaring new character: the great and terrible Pierre Cardin, buying up standing the whole settlement. Fashion designer, soon-soon (in July) to celebrate its 86 anniversary, has almost completed work on the restoration of the castle in the small French town of Lacoste and began buying up nearby houses. The castle was not easy: at the end of the 18th century there lived for 15 years no one other than himself, the Marquis de Sade, and these places have inspired the author of "120 Days of Sodom."

Now, and so very small population of only 415 inhabitants reduced to the eyes: people go to their homes, unable to resist "the proposal can not refuse", namely the millions Cardin empire. I must say, the master of the house with a history of love: he already owns abode Casanova in Venice and a few other bright shelters. The Lacoste also planned to create a sort of "cultural Saint Tropez", a music festival and accompanying events. At home, the villagers need to accommodate guests and friends of the new "Lacosta lord."


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