6 useful tips on how to gently and quietly eliminate troubles on your clothes.

• pellets on clothing: a simple trick - rub their nail file or cosmetic sponzhikom. If the right to delete could not use the machine for pellets or a special brush to remove the pellets Gamma SS-021.

• tightening on sweaters: Remove the sweater inside out and, using the hook for knitting, pull in loops on the wrong side. Then, using a needle or fingers gently stretch the fabric around the former tightening until the thread is evenly distributed.

• otporoty hem: Use adhesive interlining. Cut out the desired tape length and width, and with the help of iron the iron, strictly adhering to the instructions.

• stretched sleeve: lock sleeve sweaters, sewn elastic braid or a thin rubber band to the inside of the cuff.

• small holes: carefully pick up the thread and take the shade of the thinnest needle. Take a few stitches, pulling the edge of the center hole. Push and straighten your fingertips.

• sweat stains: Fresh stains can be removed with a solution of salt (1 tbsp. Teaspoon per cup of water) or rub strong. If that fails, try a tool to remove stubborn stains and dirt, for example, Sodasan.


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