SMK Corp. It introduced the panel with an autonomous power plant

SMK Corp. unveiled a prototype TV remote control without batteries. Another example of energy-saving technologies, brings to the fore in connection with global warming.

Remote control is organized on the principle of a water pistol. Channels, volume control and on / off controlled by the trigger trigger. However, it is still a prototype, and the decision on the start of production is still pending.

The apparatus includes an electromagnetic coil, the high-speed rotating machinery, a power circuit and an infrared transmitter. When the trigger is pressed, the coil begins to rotate through the built-in mechanisms. Induced induction leads to EMF, after smoothing and other operations generated electricity is used to power the circuit and turn on the LED. The resulting current of 20-30 mA is sufficient for transmitting a signal over a distance of several meters in the infrared range.

Pressing the trigger switches the channel, pressing twice to turn on / off the TV. Volume control is organized by pressing other buttons when you hold the trigger in the ON state. A current of 20-30 mA is required to transmit a signal to a sufficient distance. However, we must overcome considerable resistance to his cock pressed. To make using the device easier, the developers promise to optimize the light-emitting unit and a power circuit.


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