Alice Grebenshchikov bore

Alice Grebenshchikov, known not only as the daughter of legendary BG, but also a popular actress and member of "Ice Age", first became a mother.

The joyful event took place on Tuesday. Alice in the morning came to the hospital and a few hours later she went into labor. At half past four in the evening to light a boy is healthy. Birth weight - 3 kilos 680 grams, height - 50 centimeters, "Komsomolskaya Pravda».

Sex baby young mother probably learned only after birth. During pregnancy, she said that the baby "hides" and does not want to disclose the secret of his.

In general Grebenschikova pregnancy proceeded without any complications. Actress calmly skated in the "Ice Age" and nothing anyone talked about his interesting position. On the addition of a star in the family became known, when the expectant mother was already six months pregnant. By the way, following the example of Western artists Grebenshchikov pregnant starred in a candid photoshoot for the magazine Playboy.

The name for the newborn's parents have not yet chosen. Alice herself once said that it is necessary to look for it in the face of the baby. On the boy's father is known only that he was a photographer, and his name is Sergei. The rest of the information about her beloved daughter of Boris Grebenshchikov not want to distribute.

Birth of first child Alice was a kind of gift Grebenschikova itself. June 12 she turns 30 years and to date an important actress came in the status of the mother.

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