From the plane, "Moscow-Krasnoyarsk" drunk passenger tried to jump

During the flight, the 40-year-old man abused alcohol, and then tried to open the hatch and spare jump out of it.

From the plane flying from Moscow to Krasnoyarsk, I tried to jump a drunken passenger. He managed to stop the efforts of the flight attendants, but the man beat his rescuers.

The incident, as the agency refines, occurred on June 15 aboard the Tu-154. As the chief of staff of DIA in the airport of Krasnoyarsk, Sergei Sokolov, the intruder order to calm the flight attendants, but not without brawls: drunken actively resisted their salvation, giving cuffs left and right.

The plane landed safely. On board he was summoned to the police, who brought the duty of the brawler. For his behavior, he brought to administrative responsibility.

In addition, one of the flight attendants, a man who suffered severe beatings, it is also demanded to bring to criminal responsibility, said Sokolov.


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