In New York, in Manhattan fell crane, there are victims

At the construction site in Manhattan on Monday, May 30 fell crane, local TV channels transmitted. At least two people were killed and wounded there.

The construction of high-rise crane used for the construction of 36-storey skyscraper collapsed 23-storey building, and then fell into the street, reports quoting on ABC. The incident occurred at the intersection of First Avenue and 91 th Street, where to build a skyscraper. According to eyewitnesses, the crane began to fall at a small gust of wind. According to SkyNews, killed at least two people, injured several others. The operator survived a fall from the 15-meter height. The dead, according to preliminary data, are working. Meanwhile, the boom of the crane incident injured about two dozen of the neighboring balconies from a building under construction. The affected building is home to several Russian diplomats. They were not injured, reports Rosbalt. At the scene are carried out rescue work. It is learned that the locals have repeatedly drawn attention to the poor quality of the installation of the crane. This is not the first time the fall of the crane in New York. Recall that in mid-March this year, Manhattan construction crane fell on a four-apartment house - then killed four people, injured ten.


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