Mass blindness

Law enforcement agencies began to search for the Vladimir region organizers laser show, which cost visitors view - dozens of spectators were in hospital with severe burns the eyes. Some, according to doctors, the loss irreparable. According to doctors, the mass blindness resulted from entering the laser beam on the exposed retina.

Such laser "correct view" festival participants apparently did not expect - more than thirty people were hospitalized for several months and now will wear dark glasses.

"Doctors say that hemorrhage. I see both the transmission side of the face. And blurred vision, "- said one of the victims - Andrew Zina.

All of them - the audience trance music festival "Aquamarine open air», which took place in the forests of the Vladimir region near the town of Kirzhach. Organizers promise and colorful laser show. But it began to rain, and over the audience pulled the tent.

"Normally, the laser light over his head, but because of his tent dropped lower. Brilliant idea - to shine in the face. Suffered more, but many sit at home and hope to maybe Russian, "- said Dmitry, one of the victims.

Doctors call all those who after the concert was disrupted vision, an urgent hospitalization. Ophthalmologists say that with such a laser burns, vision, and some may not recover.

"The ten retinal layers. The laser can penetrate them, and then restore those layers is almost impossible ", - said Elissa Reid, MD, an ophthalmologist.

What's retina - the spectators burned camcorders and digital cameras, after the laser beam hits the lens. Some pictures taken during the festival, clearly shows how the laser beam burns methodically digital matrix holes and the whole band.

This is the rare case when the festival of modern music not just fade away, but still blinded. Laser pulse - it is most often used at concerts. It is safe, its capacity up to 5 kW. More powerful - Industrial - lasers - is another matter. They set fire to the newspaper 15 meters. These lasers paint on the buildings of great pictures. They can illuminate even the clouds, although the Ostankino TV tower. They emit a powerful impulse, using a pair of copper.

"The human eye can not react to this radiation. They are used in open areas, but not in humans, "- said the organizer of laser shows Mikhail Soloviev.

This has not happened in the history of the use of lasers in concert halls in the country. Elementary failure to comply with safety jeopardized one of the most exciting components of modern show business.

Festival organizers turn off the phone and do not go on contact. But now the matter of causing massive damage to the audience engaged in the prosecutor's office of the Vladimir region. If we can prove the guilt of the organizers of the affected viewers can claim compensation.

The place where the festival took place. In a clearing - the remaining debris and, thank God, only deafened locals. On the day the witnesses are beyond the reach of the concert hyperboloid.

It turned out that the festival in Vladimir forests was also illegal.

"There are no bids on the festival or other events some near Kirzhach been reported. I will say more: in recent years, cases of unauthorized use of the territory of Petushki district, "- said Alexey Sereda, head of Petushki district of Vladimir region.

This incident revealed another problem: no regulations governing the use of lasers in crowded places, in Russia simply does not exist.

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