Addicts driving (6 photos)

The author writes:
In short, we worked on the accident: two downs, both narco both hepatitis C nahlimelis beer and went to her friend the passenger (blind man's buff on the right seat). Entered the ring for about 100 km / h, flew to the oncoming lane. Because of these eblanov Toyota faced with "Seven" themselves out on the opposite side of the road and crashed into a pole. When we arrived, we saw Esper. The bottom of the lift up and the whole tryahomudiya clamped driver feet. Broke all the hydraulics. Eventually I caught the rope hand winch (which also broke) of the window pane, winch was prekreplena for lamppost and hitched to the rear bumper of the ambulance. Leap from the third panel and unbent legs ... We released upon arrival, when examined scope of work, we noticed that the driver of the left thigh piece of femur about 15 cm long. Pile of open fractures, the doctors said that both his legs amputated uniquely. Q: nah drink driving ?!


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