Lack of sleep leads to overweight

American doctors made the unusual findings, it turns out, a lack of sleep leads to fullness. The researchers concluded that patients who have enough sleep at least an hour of on-rule double their chances of getting overweight. This is especially true for the assertion of children and adolescents.

Doctors say that the most important for children and adolescents morning sleep, because in these hours are observed phase of so-called REM sleep, when the human body is completely relaxed, but the brain works as well as during wakefulness. If a person is constantly wake up in the morning during REM, his chances to recover are tripled.

In the Medical School at the University of Pittsburgh say that such a concept has two explanations. The first is obvious, people do not get enough sleep daily rate of sleep becomes less mobile and energetic, bringing his calorie consumption falls. The second is not so obvious and is in violation of the rhythms of the organism, which leads to incorrect metabolism and completeness of developing into obesity. In addition, the organisms studied patients who were not emptied daily rate of sleep was recorded elevated levels of the hormone ghrelin, which is also released in the stomach during the hunger sensation.

"Until now, we had no clear scientific evidence supporting an association of sleep with obesity, and now we have obtained such information," - says the author of the Pittsburgh study Syanchen Liu.

Doctors point out that their findings are indirectly confirmed by the statistics. After analyzing the statistical data on children's sleep and the degree of fullness of children from 1980 to 2002 and from 2003 to 2006, scientists have come to the conclusion that the link between sleep time and the constitution of a teenager is more than obvious.

Physicians are advised for children under 6 years of age sleep about 12 hours a day, and teenagers under the age of 18 years - no less than 9 hours per day, and if the dream will be able to break, vykraivaya time for an hour's rest at lunchtime, it will only benefit.


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