What does sweating during sleep

If it's hot outside or you just came from the gym, you won't be surprised that sweat more than usual. But asked if you ever have a question, is it normal to sweat during sleep? In our article we will tell you why this happens and how to fight it.

Sweating is a natural mechanism of our body, the function of which is the timely cooling of the body, for example, during extreme heat or physical exercise.

Of course, in the sweltering summer day or after exercising in the gym no one will be surprised to excessive sweating, but sweating while sleeping is another matter, because this can not only cause a lot of inconvenience, but also cause worry and anxiety.

Our article will help you answer many questions on this topic: do you recognize the causes and symptoms of sweating while sleeping and understand whether it is harmful for your body or not. So, sweating while sleeping — is this normal?

Why I sweat during sleep?

Sweating during sleep is a very unpleasant property. Indeed, who of us would like to Wake up in the middle of the night in a puddle of sweat! To find out why you're sweating during sleep, you need to take note of all possible reasons.

The first and most important aspect you should pay attention to the conditions in which you sleep, and in particular the room temperature. However, the heat is not the only external factor that causes sweating during sleep: humidity can also play a very important role. In addition, night sweats can be caused by too warm a blanket or pajamas, uncomfortable or old mattress, as well as extraneous noise in the room where you sleep.

If you often sweat at night, besides the fact that you need to follow the conditions and comfort of the body during sleep, you should also pay attention to their health in General. You recently switched to a new diet? Often feel tired and broken?

Night fever can be one of the symptoms of flu: in this case, sweating is a normal reaction to infection. This means that the increased sweating during sleep can be caused by a fever, which in turn is a symptom of a cold or flu. However, if the sweating continues for more than two or three nights, then you should seriously think about their health: this might be a sign of some more dangerous disease.

One of the most common causes of sweating during sleep is the onset of menopause, which is associated with significant hormonal changes in a woman's body. A sharp decrease in the production of estrogens (female hormones) may cause a malfunction of the hypothalamus, which is responsible for the temperature control of the human body, resulting in women frequently observed causeless temperature increase.

This is not to say that a hormonal imbalance might be the cause of sweating during sleep only in the case of women, because the body men are also not immune to hormonal imbalance.

Some of them are suffering from a lack of testosterone or those taking medications that block the production of "the male hormone", may be exactly the same problem. Many men may be difficult to accept this fact, however, the lack of androgens can actually lead to excessive sweating during sleep.

What else can make me sweat?

Many drugs can increase the heart rate to contribute to the expansion of blood vessels and this can cause increased sweating. Most often these drugs are antipyretics or medication for fever. Once we notice the symptoms of flu, take aspirin, etc., absolutely not thinking about the fact that he can provoke fever. Antidepressants also relates to drugs that can cause excessive sweating.

Infectious diseases such as tuberculosis or AIDS, may also cause sweating during sleep. Fever, which usually goes hand in hand with sweating, usually occurs in patients with HIV. Hodgkin's disease, lymph nodes, also referred to infectious diseases, which are sometimes manifested in fever and sweating at night.

Consumption of alcohol before sleep is another reason a person can sweat during sleep. Of course, a glass of wine at night will help to strengthen the dream, however, recent medical studies have proven that those who drink alcohol before bed, most subject to sweating at night and headache.

In addition, sweating during sleep can be caused by the consumption of spicy food. Despite the fact that you may not notice any changes during food during digestion of spicy foods by the body you may experience increased body temperature. According to doctors, caffeine can also trigger a flare in people who already suffer from excessive sweating.

Patients with hyperhidrosis often also suffer from frequent and profuse sweating both day and night. If none of the above causes of hyperhidrosis is not suitable for you, check on hyperhidrosis. For this you will need to come on consultation to the doctor and pass the necessary tests.

Natural remedies from night sweats

First of all, you should buy a thermostat device to maintain constant body temperature. Despite the fact that doctors recommend to maintain a certain body temperature, remember that everyone is different, and try to find a temperature which will perfectly suit your body. If you sleep with your partner who prefers a higher or lower temperature, try to use bed linen made from different material.

Try to remove yourself from everything that may cause stress and anxietybecause disorders of the nervous system can cause sweating active both day and night. If you are getting married tomorrow or do you have a job interview, don't be surprised that you'll be sweating more than usual. But if sweating during sleep continues for several weeks you should start to worry about their health.

Men who suffer from the so-called andropause, or male menopause age, you can drink tea with black cohosh. Black cohosh is a medicinal plant from South America used in folk medicine for the treatment of many diseases. Red clover — another medicinal plant that helps reduce sweating during sleep, although, according to medical studies, its effectiveness is much inferior to clover black cohosh.


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Both men and women are familiar with the problem of excessive sweating, unable to take medication on the basis of sage and motherwort root, because they have properties that can help combat night sweats. The sage tea is used to relax, relieve tension and stress, and motherwort is a plant similar to mint, is considered the best remedy for the nervous system and circulation, and also helps to reduce sweating during sleep. published


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