Top 5 features of puberty

How to recognize and experience with the child during its transformation from a child into an adult young man or woman

We even can not imagine how much we have in common and our children, we and our parents. Problems generations do not change for several centuries. For the generation of their parents generation of children will always be too wayward, rebellious and frivolous. The generation of grandparents or even decades will sigh "in our time everything was different, in our time of such horror, and there was no robbery." The same problem remains the eternal puberty. What is this for ages and how to survive the children and parents?

Fact №1

Transitional age - is a burst of hormones, emotions and feelings. Teenager with one hand, still a child, but on the other hand, he is a grown man. His life is changing faster seasons. He is lost and can not determine in which situations it should behave as a child and as an adult public.

Fact №2

In this difficult period the person has never needed support and love of close friends. Teenagers often unbalanced, their life values ​​and principles are changing day by day. Man feels complexes, afraid to be not like others, and at the same time wants to stand out from the crowd. Sometimes, to be the best or the expectations of fellow teenager makes a lot of mistakes.

Fact №3

For teenagers there is a word and should not be - it's a red flag. At the age of 14-17 years, a person thinks that the whole world at his feet. The opposite pozitsiya- whole world is against him alone. Such a spectrum of emotions and fears results in strange and bizarre behavior. During this period, the best medicine for a teenager - it's an interesting hobby and a good group of friends. It's no secret that all the bad habits teenager the first time tries to "out of hand" so-called friends. If the child has got in not a good company, it must be all the forces to pull out of this circle and fill his free time more secure and interesting hobbies.

Fact №4

It was at the age of 12-15 years, there is a conscious interest in the opposite sex. Because of inconsistencies ideal or non-reciprocal love, many young men and women suffer from complexes and self-doubt. Tineydzhdery very painfully and acutely perceive criticism, and the slightest remark can permanently knock them out of the rut.

Fact №5

Children's riot. Your child needs freedom, he tries to get out from under your wing and let float freely. Pay close attention to all the arguments and the wishes of your child. Talk to him on an equal footing. If he claims to be the adult to learn to let them answer for their actions and realize that everyone has not only rights but also duties.

The most important thing for parents during this period - it does not decide for the child all his problems and not to create him a "golden cage", and try to form a teenager the right attitudes and values. Man, even in 15 years, I must learn to make their own decisions and take responsibility for them. After a few years, your child is sure to tell you thank you!



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