How to carve a pumpkin for Halloween?

It seems it is very simple, but there are many tonkostey.Predstavlyaem you step by step instructions.

We will need:
Template mug
Shiloh (thick needle)
Scraper (spatula)

Step 1: Choose the most beautiful, most proportionate, round and orange pumpkins. With a knife engrave hole in the pumpkin. If you're going to use candles for lighting, cut a hole near the top of the cutting, if the jar / glass lanterns, it is best to cut a hole in the bottom of the pumpkin.

Step 2: Use a scraper or spoon cleansed the seeds and pulp from the pumpkin. If you are not afraid to get dirty, you can do it and hand - it's faster.

Step 3: Use ready-made template, or draw his own marker on paper. Glue the template to the pumpkin with tape and transfer the pattern to the pattern on the pumpkin, piercing awl outline of the picture.

Step 4: pocket knife (or any sharp knife with a short blade) engrave pattern on the pumpkin, following the contour of the punctured holes. Do not hurry, try to stick as closely as possible the contour.

Step 5: When the pumpkin found its face, it's time to begin its coverage. The brightest illumination available through Electrogarlands - wrap it around the small banks and paste into the pumpkin (as garland is connected to electricity, a hole in the pumpkin should be at the bottom of the cord was not noticeable).

You can also place a candle (or a few candles) inside tykvy- Place the candle in a glass cup and leave the top of the pumpkin open for ventilation. Another alternative could be a small flashlight.


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