Dog rescued newborn death

Dog rescued from the death of a newborn in the Argentine city of Abasto, located 50 kilometers from Buenos Aires, told national broadcaster 26Noticias.

"In the morning the police called the owner of the animal and reported that the dog has found an abandoned baby in the street, and, moved by maternal instinct, brought it into the house, where there were puppies. Found a girl born a few hours ago. She was completely naked, and could die from hypothermia, "- said the representative of the city police in an interview.

The police immediately brought the newborn to the hospital, where doctors examined the child and found that his life is out of danger.

Already I managed to find the child's mother. She was the 14-year-old resident of Abasto, who lives nearby. Currently, the investigation finds reasons for leaving the baby girl. It is possible that against it will be prosecuted.

Every year more than one hundred thousand Argentine girls under 18 become mothers, that is, teenage births occur in the country every five minutes.

Also, according to official statistics, Argentina is one of the first places in the world in the number of deaths from abortions. They accounted for 29 cases out of a hundred maternal deaths. For the year in Argentina is carried out about half a million illegal abortions. Officially banned abortion in the country and are made only in cases when there is a threat to the health of the mother.


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