The Kyrgyz plane crashed

Passenger "Boeing 737" airline "Itek Air" crashed shortly after taking off from Manas International Airport. According to official figures, 68 people were killed.

Passenger "Boeing 737" airline "Itek Air" carrying out flight Bishkek - Tehran, crashed shortly after taking off from Manas International Airport in the vicinity of the Kyrgyz capital. The victims of the crash, according to official figures, 68 people have become.

The accident occurred on August 24 at 20:40 local time. According to the official representative of the government of Kyrgyzstan, 10 minutes after take-off, "Boeing-737" from the Manas airport (liner rose to a height of about one kilometer), there was a depressurization of the enclosure. The crew requested a dispatching service for emergency landing, but the plane lost altitude turn and landed in the field, is not short of a few kilometers from the airport.

"After the ship went up to a thousand meters with a small, lighted lamp that tells of depressurization. The pilots decided to return and land. When planting, and this tragedy happened, "- said the State Advisor to the President of Kyrgyzstan Tokon Mamytov.

Total on board were 90 people - 83 passengers and 6 crew members and a representative of the Department of Air Transport. Among the passengers were citizens of Kyrgyzstan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Canada, China and Turkey. They survived the crash, 22 people, including the co-pilot and a flight attendant. 17 injured are in hospital, they have seriously injured

Eyewitnesses reported that the plane exploded immediately, but after 10-15 minutes after touching the ground. The circumstances of the tragedy, the government commission is investigating. Version of the attack is excluded. However, the authorities claim that before the fatal flight condition of the ship did not cause concern.

"The plane was in good condition, 2 hours before the tragedy he returned from Moscow and passed preflight. The crew also replaced and was completely ready for flight Bishkek - Tehran ", - says Tokon Mamytov.

Crashed "Boeing" belonged to Kyrgyz airlines, "Itek Air" and was chartered to Iranian carrier of the flight "Aseman." The investigation is looking into the possible causes of the accident as technical malfunctions, including engine failure and malfunction in the control system does not allow the pilot to land the plane after depressurization.


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